New Students & Scholars

June 30, 2016

Welcome to Columbus, Ohio! We are eager to warmly welcome you and serve you as you adjust to life in Columbus. We offer many services and activities to promote friendship and provide opportunity for you to meet Americans and other internationals. Students, visiting scholars, and spouses of all nationalities and religions may participate.

Please take advantage of these special activities and services for newly arriving students and scholars.

Make a new friend, learn more about Columbus, and enjoy a home cooked meal during your first few days in a new place. A friendly volunteer from International Friendships can welcome you at the airport and provide transportation to campus, your apartment, or your host home.  Our volunteers can also provide up to four days of temporary housing.

Enjoy conversation, games, dancing, and food during one (or all) of our Welcome Events. You can also meet other new International students, as well as some American hosts, in a fun and safe environment! Sign up required to attend.

Stay connected with us by meeting us at our International Cafe! Come and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere on campus, where we will have refreshments and open discussion.

New Student Orientation Videos

Do you have questions about IFI services and activities? Are you wondering how you will get started with your life in Columbus? We hope some of your questions will be answered as you watch the new student orientation videos.