Airport Pickup & Temporary Housing

June 30, 2016

Last year, 343 international students signed up for airport pickup and temporary housing. Sign up today!

These services are free, provided by the Christians who support and volunteer in IFI.

Each of our host families submits a background check, provides 3 character references in addition to completing a 2-hour training session to teach them about common cross-cultural and communication differences, dietary restrictions, and how to show hospitality, respect and love to international students.

We collect feedback from every student so that we know how they are treated while in the care of our volunteers.

Students, if the form below is not working, please send an email the Volunteer Coordinator immediately at

Airport Pickup & Temporary Housing Sign-up Form

In order to help us assist you, please fill out this form as much as you possibly can, and please submit this form at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival date. It is very difficult to accommodate requests without at least 14 days advance notice.

Also, please complete this form once only. 
Filling out multiple forms creates confusion and wastes time. Normally, IFI will contact you within the next day verifying that we have received your request. If you have a problem with the form or are unsure that we have received it, please email us by clicking here.

This information is used to identify you in our database - DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS or the form will not submit.

Family name, last name, surname - the name used by your family.

If you have one

First name, given name, what people call you.

This is the email provided to you by your school/university - if you do not know this, please provide us with another email address.
General Information
Please use this format: mm/dd/yyyy
Please use this format: mm/dd/yyyy
Service Requested
Please indicate how many nights of temporary housing you need below. Our host families provide 1 to 4 nights of temporary housing completely free of charge. Please make every necessary arrangements so that you do not exceed the amount of time you select below in the host's home. Under no circumstance should you stay in the host's home longer than 4 nights. 
Four nights is the maximum.
Travel Information (kindly submit this form 2 weeks in advance of your arrival date)
August 3, 2022 = 08/03/2022 
If this situation does not apply to you, please enter "NONE"
Please enter the flight's scheduled time of arrival-don't estimate. Please use standard time (Example - 20:00 should be written as "8:00 PM")  Do not use a leading zero (Example - 5:02 AM is correct - 05:02 AM is not correct). This will create an error that will not allow the form to be submitted.
If this situation does not apply to you, please enter "NONE"
If this situation does not apply to you, please enter "NONE"
Please let us know if you will be arriving with any friends or family members (all students will need to complete this form)
If you are traveling in groups of 4 or more people, it is advisable to split into groups of 2 or 3. It will be difficult to find host families who can accommodate groups larger than 2 or 3 people.
Airport Pickup Details

If you ONLY want Airport Pickup...

Please provide the address of your hotel, dorm or apartment where you will stay your first night. If you do not yet know this address, you do not need to edit this field, but PLEASE let us know as soon as you find out. Do not provide the address of the airport, the union, or other campus department, which will cause confusion for you and your driver when you arrive.
Temporary Housing Details
If you ONLY want Temporary Housing...
Who will pick you up? Please give us their name and how to contact them (email or phone number) so we can tell them where to take you.
Referral Info
Did someone you know refer you to IFI for help? Please tell us who so we can thank the family member or friend who referred you to IFI for airport pickup and temporary housing.

Please do not complete this form a second time -- check your email after submitting this form.